4 ways to use ONE Tendon Tube

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The innovative ONE Tendon Tube is a versatile product. This product is made of cotton and spandex, therefore it is elastic and easy to put on. In this blog we would love to tell you more about the tendon tube, how you could use is and why this is a true musthave for every equestrian!

Protect legs and tendons

The tendon tube can be used to protect your horse’s legs and tendons. Every rider might recognize this. You have planned a competition on Sunday, but on Friday you get a text in the morning. Your horse has been playing in the field and hit itself on its leg. And the result? A little wound. But no stress, the ONE tendon tube is your savior! You can put the tendon tube around the leg before you put on the leg protection. This way you can continue daily routine and most importantly: the little wound can heal peacefully.

Support the tendons

When your horse has an injury the ONE Tendond Tube can come in handy as well. It could be used to support the tendons when your horse has a tendon injury. The sturdy, but elastic ‘sock’ ensures compression, which supports the muscles and tendons in the horse’s leg. Since you can cut the tendon tube at any desired length, you decide how long you want it to be. Knee injuries, tender hooves, or a tendon injury, they can all be supported by the tendon tube.  

Help cooling

When you want to cool muscles, tendons or joints, tendon tube can also be used. For example under an ice pack, since you cannot use an ice pack directly on the skin. Afterwards, you can secure the icepack with ONE wrap. This way, the ice pack will perfectly stay in place and you are able to carry out other tasks around the barn.

Keep legs clean

The last tip is especially for owners for the filthy horses out there. Any grey-owners around here? 😉 ONE Tendon Tube can be used to keep your horse’s legs clean. When you’re going to a competition, taking your horse for a photoshoot or you want your horse to stay clean for any other reason, obviously when you arrive there you want your horse to be as clean as it was when you left. With the tendon tube this won’t be a problem anymore! Cut the tendon tube into the right lenght and put it around your horse’s legs or hooves, this way its legs will stay nice and clean until the competition starts.

ONE Tendon Tube is available in the colors white and black and is 5 meters long.

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